* Who is this Conference for?  I'm not a Musician or Singer.

     This Conference highlights Worship, Leadership and Missions.  However, we have designed our Breakouts so        there is something for EVERYONE who loves the Lord, His Church and wants to make a Difference.


* Do I have to attend ALL of the BREAKOUTS ?

     NO, you don't HAVE TO, but you will find ALL of the Breakouts to be informative, inspiring and most of them     

     'HANDS ON'.  The Breakouts are included in your registration price..


* Can anyone attend the Songwriting Workshop?

    Anyone can attend, however this Workshop will be a little more advanced in some areas.  We can promise you

    will be inspired and motivated to work on your songwriting skills after attending.


* Do I have to Pre-Register?

    NO.  You can Register at the Door Thursday Evening, July 11 or Friday morning.  However, our Rooms for our

    Breakouts are determined by Class size and it does help to have an estimation before then.


* Is Lunch provided?

   Yes, lunch is provided on Friday and Saturday.


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