Worship Band 101: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys
Arranging / Tuning / Strum patterns / Chord shapes / Pedal boards / Role of keys / Monitors / Multi-tracks / Capos What do I do with other instruments? 
Is it Clicking?
Making team tighter and stronger / Intros / Outros / Attitudes count / Better rehearsals 
Identifying strengths and weaknesses
Live Team Activation: Band and Vocals
Learning the song / Knowing your part / Instruments & Vocals come together / Let's PLAY IT!  
Keys / Technology
Using your keyboard as a controller for pads, patches and sounds / Activation and training of using Main Stage along with demonstration on the Nord stage piano
Vocals 101
Basics: Breathing / Posture / Tone / Enunciation / Vocal range/ Head and chest voice / Stage presence / Vocalizing 
Vocal health
Leading / Blending Voices
Dynamics / Control / Styling / Solo vs. Team / Knowing your role / Harmony / One voice 
Vocal Activation
Learning the song and parts / Bringing vocals together with the band / Let's SING IT! 
Worship Leading
Role of worship leader / What it takes / Your heart & talent / How to flow in worship / Planning a list but following the river / Playing while leading
Defining Worship
History of worship in the church / Examining the heart of a worshipper / What does worship really look like?  Changing worship styles
Prophetic Worship and Intercessory Prayer
Changing your region through worship / Declaration and transformation / Live session
Worship in the Dance
Learning elementary dance moves that help you express your heart in worship
Bringing Back the Choir
Making a place for choir in contemporary churches / Developing your choir blending / Sing as ONE VOICE
Let's Sing It!
All participants will be learning a song and singing it in the 11:00 Saturday main session.
Basics 101
Melody and lyrics marriage / Styles and instrumentation / Getting my song from heart to paper / I don't play an instrument... what do I do? / Group writing
Songwriting Activation
Writing a song in a group, using scripture, traditional melodies, original lyrics and music
Song Cafe
Happens after Friday night service. May present 1-2 original songs.
Changing Church and Changing Culture
The effects of a changing culture on the church and the Great Commission
Developing Leaders
DNA of leaders / Training and mentoring / Looking to the next generation
Dealing with Discouragement
Resolving conflicts in leadership and ministry / Confrontation / Walking in peace
Global Updates: Making an Impact & Creating a Strategy
Report of global regions missional impact of migrating people groups / Refugee and migrant crisis worldwide / Mission strategies for the church
Who? What? Where?: Mission Endeavors Around the World
Learn about the different thrusts of missions: Evangelistic / Church planting /  Muslim outreach / Worship / Prayer initiatives /  Next Gen / Business as missions

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