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Gail Stathis
International Speaker and Director of EME Ministries / Athens, Greece

Gail Stathis comes to us from Athens, Greece where she is the vice president and co-founder of EME Ministries, which works in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. She also serves as the lead pastor of Glyfada Christian Center.

Born in the US, she has served overseas for many years and is constantly traveling to Conferences, Seminars, and Schools of Ministry, speaking and teaching. Her joy-filled, energized personality, along with her gifting in bringing the word of God in a transparent and powerful delivery, makes her everyone's friend and speaker.

As Gail likes to say, "I grew up with Isaiah 60:1, 'Arise and shine...' saturating my definition of the body of Christ. Life changes daily, but too often we settle for stagnation. Whatever happens, he has a plan to shine in our times, lift us up and put into place plans that engage us individually, corporately, and in the world to declare the glory of God."

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